Three Stations Negative Pressure Forming Machine HEY06

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This Thermoforming Machine Mainly for the production of variety plastic containers ( egg tray, fruit container, package containers, etc) with thermoplastic sheets.

1.Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. Each action program is controlled by PLC. Touching screen operation is simple and convenient. 2.Vacuum Forming In-mould Cutting. 3.Up and down moulds forming type. 4.Servo feeding, length step less adjusting, high speed accurately and stablity. 5.Negative Pressure Forming Machine Up and down heater with two phases heating. 6.Electric heating furnace temperature control system adopts full computer intelligent automatic compensation control, partition control using digital input interface one by one, has the high precision fine-tuning, uniform temperature, heating up fast (only 3 minutes from 0-400 degrees), stability (not influenced by external voltage, temperature fluctuations no more than 1 degree), low energy consumption (energy saving about 15%), the furnace plate advantages for long life. 7.Forming and cutting station with open and close servo motor control, products with automatic tally output. 8.Products can be choosing by you to down stacking type,Or the manipulator is taken in the mold. 9.Plastic Thermoforming Machine with product information and data memory function. 10.Feeding caterpillar width can be synchronization automatic or discretely electric adjusting. 11.Heater automatic shift out device. 12.Mechanical loading device, reduce workers labor strength.
Forming Area Max(mm) 720*760
Forming Area Min(mm) 420*350
Max. Forming Depth(mm) 100
Sheet Thickness(mm) 0.2-1.0
Sheet Width(mm) 450-750
Applicable Material PS, PP, PET, PVC, ABS
Accuracy of Sheet Transport(mm) 0.15
Working Cycle Max (cycle/min) 25
Stroke of upper mold(mm) 200
Stroke of lower mold(mm) 200
Length of upper heater(mm) 1270
Length of lower heater (mm) 1270

Mold closing force Max(T)

Max. Capacity of Vacumm Pump 100m³/h
Power Supply 380V/50Hz 3 phrase 4 wire
Machine Dimension(mm) 6880*2100*2460
Weight of Whole Machine (T) 9
Heating Power(kw) 78
Power of Driving Motor(kw) 22
Total Power(kw) 120

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