Multi Segment Single Mechanical Hand Blister Packaging Cutting Machine HEY23

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This Cutting Machine is suitable for blanking of various large-area products such as plastic-absorbing industry and food packaging, which can be divided into multi-stage blanking.

  • Multi Segment Single Mechanical Hand Cutting Machine adopts PLC computer control, touch screen type displayed easy in operation and convenient.
  • Blister Packaging Cutting Machine: Large tonnage, large area, suitable for multi-stage blanking of the whole plate of plastic-absorbing products, solve the defects of traditional small tonnage punch, save time and increase production.
  • The design of multi-stage pushing material by computer programming is safe and reliable. It solves the defects of traditional manual pushing and manual moving cutter mold, and improves the production efficiency obviously.
  • Feeding system adopts servo motor transmission, high speed, accurate in delivery, especially suitable for accuracy requirement of top/bottom mould, solving the traditional manual moving mould, saving time and improving production efficiency.
  • Hydraulic system adopts high pressure oil pump control, soft pressure. It is capable for stainless steel plate blanking, solving nylon plate blanking of products, which causes secondary pollution and waste, improving the cleanliness of products, reducing material waste, improving the rate of qualified products. The system solves the defects of traditional mechanical damage and waste of violent punching the knife die, prolonging the service life of die cutter, cost-saving in knife mould.
  • Unique automatic manipulator feeding design, suitable for a variety of products sheet blanking operations, automatic manipulator feeding stacking count, solve a large number of manual counting of packaging costs and secondary pollution, improve efficiency, save costs, ensure sanitation.
Cutting Space 750x1300mm
Cutting Pressure 80T
Distance Between Top Press Board To Platform 200mm
Stroke Regulation Range 190mm
Cutting Speed 5-6 Board/min
Outer Dimension Length 3300 * width 2700 * height 2400mm
Machine Total Weight 4500kg
Use Voltage 380V 220V
Water Cooling System Use 1 inch water pipe to circulate water below 50*C

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